Thursday, July 16, 2009

One step at a time

Day off, whoo hoo!

So, I'm of course spending it working on writing and such.

Well, I started with reading comics and eating lunch with Alicia, then I moved up to writing. I updated all four of the established Dreamers' Daughter blogs today as well as making my presence felt on both twitter and sidebar. Planning to go see Harry Potter this weekend with Alicia as well as the Strutzs and Fullers. Don't I sound grown up with all my married friends? Oh dear God...

Actually tied for the win in a round of trivia last night, which is better than we've done in a while. To be honest, I knew we'd get it when the title was announced as "Movies involving time travel". Right up my alley.

Anyway, maybe time to do some real work now. Later

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