Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Babies

Alright, in the last couple days I've updated Bisa, Zuri, and Paula. Starting to feel good about this. Need to get around to Altsoba, but I always feel particularly careful about hers. She does, after all, have a demandingly unique voice.

Did the Monday night circus tonight. Things with Jason on Knights are looking very promising. He's drawing like a madman! I gave back my edited all to hell copy of Monsters of Rock so that he can make the changes to make the book rock at the level it should. Hopefully, and I'll check this with Jason, he'll be up for posting some of the art and or story on the blog at some point. That would make life happy.

I'm actually feeling kinda okay about this whole twitter thing. It's nice to have followers, even if I don't know them. I'm feeling rather like The Monarch at the moment. I wonder how they would feel if I gave them all numbers instead of names. Plus, weird thing about twitter, instead of learning the things I cared to learn about people of interest, I can instead learn the inane and somehow reassuring details of their day to day life...and keep up with friends in an all but completely meaningless sort of way.

I'm hoping aloud that everything is all right with Charlie and family as they are going through kind of a rough spot with his grandma. Hope to see you next Monday buddy.

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