Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lost Time, Found

I am like the moon. I am star-drenched. The light shining from those around me is making me glow. I have rarely felt so lucky as I do now. If I write these books anywhere near as well as I know they will be drawn, oh what the future holds.

So here's the status:

Dreamers' Daughter: Still my first among favorites, though I haven't written any of it in weeks. On the other hand, if there is one book a month, I am nearly three years ahead. Of course I'm sure some of those may never see the light of day, but what's so great about daylight anyway? Everything I've written I like for one reason or another. Charlie has finished the sketches for 7, 8, 9, and I'm told 10. There is not yet color and he has decided to redo even the thumbnails for the other pages. I get this weird feeling like, as much as I love DD, it may not be the sort of book I can lead with. It will be something that takes the reader a little trust to invest in and pays off big time. Maybe once I have that elusive thing called a "fan base" they will deliver my daughter crying into the daylight.

Alright then, enough sounding creepy...

Monsters of Rock: I finished all my edits and handed it back over to Jason. Jason has applied all of the edits and now the text of the book is complete in all its wonder. Jason is now beginning the process of laying out for color and final production. All of Monster Town stands firm behind him.

Knights of the Realm: You know how you always have that class at the beginning of the semester that you think, "Meh, it'll do" then about half way through you realize that the classes you were so anxious to take aren't as great as you thought and the "meh" class is actually amazing if you pay attention. Well, Knights of the Realm is that class for me. I wrote the first script with no real plan for the future, thinking simply, this seems too interesting not to write. Turns out, half way through issue two, I couldn't stop laughing at my own jokes. I know that is traditionally a bad sign, so I had other people read it. They two found themselves cracking up. When I had Jason read it he asked to illustrate it, since he had some spare time with monsters being all in the computer stages. I said that would be great two weeks ago and we now have three completely finished pages, at least five more in the sketching phases, and some amazing character designs.

Sarcasmo: Sarcasmo met with the unfortunate accident of falling into a very dark hole full of Garth Ennis like humor and messed up relationships. Normally, I would greet this with open arms. However, this was supposed to be my clean, nearly all ages, good for the soul book. I swear now that Sarcasmo and the rest of his team of Super misfits will return...I'm just not sure in what form.

New West: Now have three complete issues of New West, though the third may need a little editing. According to my length predictions, that puts me more than halfway through the series. I like that idea, though New West has currently taken a back seat to Knights,as Jason is burning up my heels. If he's going to put all this work in, I have to prepare the sort of mess I need for submission. Charlie wants to do New West, but unless he can find his way out from under the colossal maze of DD, it may not happen for a while.

Lost Loves: This idea...there's something there...it may not have the same name when it comes out the other end, but I can feel it shaping itself in my mind. This may be the book that has the potential to really get me in trouble, as I may find myself at the pointed end of a few fingers when I write what I feel.

Para-legals: Still in a holding patter above my head

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